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A master sorcerer once saved a girl, that was attacked by monsters! Now she is his disciple and fell in love with his master...

But master doesn't understand, what is going on!

The disciple doesn't give up and trys to come clother to his master. As he is chased every day by his disciple, he defends hisself with dangerous magic to repel her!

In her limitless love, she doesn't give up and chases her master again and again.

This little game is a submission for 

Brackeys Game Jam #2

You have to chase your master with WASD or ARROW Keys. So easy. But take care, he shoots some fancy fireballs or icicles to keep you at a distance.

Install instructions

Just download the .zip-file.

Extract the .zip-file.

In there is a love_is_blind!.exe (didn't even had time to change the project title...)

Double-click the .exe and enjoy the little game!


Chase your Master.zip 19 MB

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